TRAUMA survivors


Jim Cosmano

Port Authority Police NYC, 9/11


Quad State Tornadoes, KY

Jim retired from the Port Authority New York & New Jersey Police Department as a Sergeant in 2016. On Sept. 11, 2001, he lost his partner in the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York City. He spent the next two years of his life digging & crawling through rubble looking for the remains of his comrades.

Jim & his family have had a long journey working through the resulting post-traumatic stress disorder. While Jim has long supported USDR’s efforts behind the scenes, his background helped him function on an incredibly high level assisting survivors among the rubble of Mayfield, Kentucky after a direct hit by an F5 tornado.

TJ Ware

US Marine Corps, Iraq War


E. Nashville Tornadoes, Hurricane Ian, FL

After serving four years in the Marine Corps, combat veteran TJ Ware struggled to overcome the effects of PTSD and return to civilian life. As he learned to adjust to a then unfamiliar “normal,” TJ found that his trauma made him uniquely qualified to help others begin to rebuild their lives from the ground up.

He has deployed to many disasters as a Public Insurance Adjuster, & Volunteer as well as playing an important role in developing USDR’s disaster trauma awareness program.

Michaela Murray

Superstorm Sandy Survivor


Hurricane Florence, NC

Michaela is a fellow disaster survivor who has worked for nonprofit organizations since graduating college and now works for a nonprofit providing support for foster families across the state of New Jersey.

In 2012, she and her family survived Hurricane Sandy while their Jersey Shore home and community were destroyed around them. Michaela was able to use this vital experience to help other disaster survivors cope with the post-hurricane devastation in coastal North Carolina.

Judy Ward

Recovering Addict


Winter Street Outreach: Camden, NJ.

Judy is a recovering addict who celebrates over 30 years clean after having started using drugs when she was a young child. Judy is a waste reduction and recycling solutions business owner in Camden, New Jersey. Judy has owned her business for over 26 years. The principles of service to the community she has learned in recovery & her past experiences make her a tremendous asset to the USDR team working on the streets of one of America’s most dangerous cities.

Phil Agliano

Volunteer Firefighter


Hurricane Ida, LA

Phil is a trucking company owner and has been a volunteer firefighter in his hometown for over 20 years. Phil’s experience as a first responder & trucker helped him to be one of the most stoic & effective volunteers when he deployed with USDR to the storm ravaged Louisiana Bayous.