United Survivors Disaster Relief is a 501(c)(3) charity organization designed to assist survivors of our ever increasing natural disasters.

USDR was formed by disaster survivors & is an all volunteer effort. None of our resources are diverted to salaries. Our mission has several unique facets not often found elsewhere:

Survivors Helping Survivors

USDR engages survivors of past traumas to assist those struggling to cope with the devastation of current disasters. This has included Veterans, First responders, & Survivors of previous natural disasters. We have found this to be an incredible healing tool for parties on all sides.

Trauma Awareness

Disaster Trauma is the dirty little secret that no one talks about and survivors do not know to expect. USDR educates those impacted by disaster on the risks of disaster trauma, symptoms to look out for, and where to seek help.

Grassroots Community Organization

Having outsiders plan your recovery without local input often leads to ineffective use of rebuilding resources. USDR educates disaster impacted communities on the need to organize & engage as local stakeholders in the process of rebuilding their own communities.

Self Sufficiency Micro-grants

Many catastrophe zones will have advocacy groups form organically or may have been in place prior to the disaster. Our micro grant program connects these groups with a non profit CPA & provides the funds to get 501(c)(3) non profit certification. This will allow local stakeholders to achieve financial self-sufficiency by raising tax deductible donations.

Wintertime Street Outreach

Many of those who suffer from mental health issues wind up on the street & are often overlooked as “Homeless”. Living on the street in the wintertime is a brutal existence. While solving the crisis of the unhoused is beyond the scope of USDR’s disaster relief mission, we can have an impact. We collect unneeded winter clothing & distribute to those in need. While it cost us nothing to help clear those extra coats out of peoples’ closets, it has a huge impact on the quality of life for someone who will be sleeping on the street tonight in freezing temperatures.

We are survivors helping survivors


Since we ourselves have suffered through and found ways to overcome these traumas, we make it a point to reach back to help those who come behind. Years of experience have taught us the most effective ways to have a positive impact on those who are suffering.

At the same time, there are many generous, compassionate people in our communities who want to help but may not have the knowledge or the time to do so.

USDR is a vehicle to bring these two groups of people together to most effectively benefit Americans who are struggling through their darkest moments.

Come be a part of the solution.


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8 Tips for Coping & Thriving Through Crisis